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Full-body fitness:
can-dy attitude

  • The Dance Candy Fitness Difference

    A fun way to get & stay fit – and learn how to dance while you’re at it!

    We know that sometimes dance studios can be intimidating, and that’s not who we are at all. DCF wants you to look forward to classes like a treat– that’s why we say “Don’t Skip Dance-ssert!”

    Dancing was made to move you. It’s an expression of your passion and personality. What it shouldn’t be is a source of stress. We move with this in mind, working to minimize intimidation, maximize your progress, and help you to have fun dancing!

Full-body fitness: <br />
<span>can</span>-dy attitude
All The Fun Of Dance –
None Of The Stress

What you get with each session:

Mental health
Reduced anxiety
Increased self-esteem
Inclusive atmosphere
Actually improve your moves!

Packages and pricing

Dance sweet dance

Take a look at our weekly calendar. Schedule your days and get dancing!